Posted workers: when EU legislation is diverted

November 27th, 2013

• Construction of the Flamanville EPR: Polish employees recruited Cyprus

The iconic EDF Flamanville site. (Credit: AFP / C. Triballeau) Photo credits: CHARLY TRIBALLEAU / AFP

The scandal broke in 2011, has brought to light the many abuse of posted workers. EDF emblematic site of the nuclear reactor EPR Flamanville1 led by Bouygues has accumulated two problems: the failure of French labor law for foreign employees and two fatal accidents questioned the safety-related problem subcontractors cascade. Nearly a third of 3,000 employees from abroad, especially from Eastern Europe, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania. With sophisticated arrangements through several countries to limit taxation and social charges. Example imbroglio, the Poles were recruited by the temporary agency Atlanco, based in Ireland with offices in Cyprus. A trial is underway in Criminal Court against Cherbourg Atlanco. Prism'Emploi, the professional organization of temporary work agencies, is a civil party to the Union side. Next hearing scheduled for February.

• Square Jaude in Clermont-Ferrand: workers paid 2.86 euros per hour

The urban project aménagament Clermont-Ferrand .. (Credit: Jeremiah Fulleringer / PhotoPQR / Mountain) Photo Credits: Jeremiah Fulleringer / PhotoPQR / MOUNTAIN

Mega-urban development project in Clermont-Ferrand Carré Jaude has used Guinean workers, Polish and Portuguese. Hourly rate of 2.86 euros, as indicated by the payslip of a Portuguese worker. "Housed in bungalows for 80 euros, they worked up to 55 hours per week and the collective agreement was not respected, including premiums insecurity and bad weather …" explains Laurent Dias, syndicalist CGT in Auvergne. Worse, Portuguese workers recruited by the French armaturier ASTP via temporary Paj society, have not been paid due to bankruptcy. "It's very hard to control, workers are moved from site to site, they only stay a few weeks. There are too many levels of subcontracting and few resources. There were only 5 controls last year Auvergne! "Says the union.

. Construction Headquarters SFR in Saint-Denis: 35 different nationalities "

The new headquarters of SFR 130,000 m2. (Credit: Olivier Arandel / PhotoPQR / Le Parisien) Photo credits: OLIVIER Arandel / PhotoPQR / THE PARIS

"The wages below the legal minimum, vary according to nationality: Pakistanis are at the bottom of the ladder, paid less than the Hungarians and even less than the Portuguese and Polish," says Laurent Dias, CGT, which went to Saint-Denis on the site of the headquarters of SFR free credit report and score. "There are more than 35 nationalities, I even met people without papers," he says. In France, the building sector accounts for 44% of détachés2 workers. The temp agency in Poland or Romania ads popping up on the Internet. Their hourly costs are very attractive: between 12 and 18 euros depending on qualifications, against 24 euros minimum in France. "I even touted by telephone" by these agencies, evidenced by a contractor who complains social dumping. "The price tenders are increasingly pulled down." This is without counting foreigners, often undocumented, recruited at low prices for the day. "They await the morning Porte de Montreuil or Bagnolet and even before the point P," protested a craftsman.

. Abattoirs Gad: Romanian workers 600 euros per month

Nearly 900 jobs are threatened in Finistère in slaughterhouses Gad. (Credit: Signatures / Thierry Pasquet) Photo credits: © Thierry PASQUET / SIGNATURES / SIGNATURES

The battle for survival Breton slaughterhouses Gad 3a moved across France. The company submitted the hard European competition, including price discounts charged in Germany, was forced to close its site Lampaul-Guimiliau. The case is a whiff of scandal when the same company slaughtering and butchering of pigs – whose main shareholder is the agricultural cooperative Cecav – hiring a hundred Romanian workers on the site of Josselin in the Morbihan. Even when it comes to remove 900 jobs in Finistère. The company saves money on payroll taxes are paid, as required by EU Directive in the country. In addition, these workers were recruited by a foreign company acting would receive, according to Le Parisien, less than 600 euros per month. Management is defended by explaining that it was only a temporary solution until the end of the reclassification process.

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